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Sunt Alina Stoica nutritionist, licentiata in biochimie, Membru in Ordinul Practicienilor de Medicina Servicii. ajutorul meu pentru sănătatea dumneavoastră .Tyumen, also spelled Tiumen, or T'umen, oblast (region), central Russia, in the Ob-Irtysh Basin. In the extreme west the Ural Mountains attain 6,217 feet (1,895 .Tyumen is the largest city and the administrative center of Tyumen Oblast, Russia, located on the Tura River 2,500 kilometers (1,600 mi) east of Moscow.Dec 5, 2016 For the third time in a row Tyumen has been named the most comfortable city to live in, chosen from 38 Russian cities that are populated.Tyumen was founded in 1586 as the first Russian settlement in Siberia. During World War II, the city grew rapidly as many industries relocated further away from .

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